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    WoW: Burning Crusade private server

Free Private wow 2.4.3 server

Azurithium is a free private WoW server 2.4.3 that gives you the opportunity to play old good World of Warcraft for absolutely free. Our server supports the version of the game client wow 2.4.3(8606). All you need to start playing is to register an account on our free game server of the WoW BC, download the game client and begin to conquer the game tops as one of the best and complex add-ons World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade. Here you will be able to challenge other players In the arena in Pvp, will certainly cross the road to The burning Legion and will be able to fight among the brave heroes in the Battle of mount Hyjal and climb the winner to the top of the black Citadel. Server rates are very loyal to the players: X15 for pumping, X10 for reputation, the chance of dropping items of equipment is increased for the convenience of players. We appreciate your time!

To start the game - choose an option:

free private WoW server 2.4.3

Demons in Nagrand
Elephant pasture at the Oshu'gun stone in Nagrand
Settlement Telaar, Nagrand
Fungal Giant, Zangramarsh
Small Dark Portal
Rare dragon Hemation with rare loot
One of the camps of the Demons of the Legion in Blade's Edge Mountains
Repair base of the dwarves on the server wow 2.4.3
Leorox, Rexar's friend
Clan suppresses the resistance of the guardians of the Black Citadel
The Guild crushed Theron
Preparation before the battle with Kael'thas in Tempest Keep
Hell's shrimp of Black Citadel defeated
The fight with Theron at Azurithium wow 2.4.3









Main features of playing World of Warcraft Burning Crusade:

This game add-on is one of the most balanced add-ons in the history of the game. For each class has its own anti-class, there is no huge numbers of health and damage, there is a choice of talents for your style of play, the so-called hybrid specialization. Come to our free WoW server and will be able to check it out himself. Each player for himself determines what to do in this game. You can fight with other players in a new form of Pvp battles-arena, for fans of mass Pvp in addition conceived 4 battlefields, with a variety of goals and conditions of victory. As in any MMORPG game your goal can be to get the coolest equipment, victory over the most terrible and bloodthirsty monsters and bosses. Also in the game there are many different races and factions, with which it is necessary and important to achieve a high level of loyalty in order to get new opportunities in the form of access to dungeons, as well as quality equipment for your character.

Interesting balanced PvP

PvP in Burning Crusade.

In addition to BC, there are special pvp zones in the open world, where you need to fight for the possession of objects. At the same time, for the affected opponents, players can receive special badge-tokens, which can be exchanged for pvp-equipment of rare quality. Pvp-battles on the fields of battle became to be more interesting with new abilities of 70 level characters. Also there are an arenas where daring gladiators compete for the right to be the best and get a battle dragon. Join to our free private WoW server 2.4.3 and check it by yourself.

Difficult pve content

Pve content in BC becomes more interesting

Pve in this add-on was filled with a mass of new dungeons, mainly located in the Outland, but also in the deserts of Tanaris dev's opened a new zone of the Caverns Of Time, where dungeons are offering players to go back in timeto save own future. The mechanics of boss encounters are quite complex and multi-stage, don't give you a relaxed press on one button, while drinking tea. We are sure that on our private server WoW 2.4.3 you will be able to feel the drive of overcoming difficulties together with your team of heroes.


An Integral part of the gameplay in any game.

Crafting in Warcraft Burning Crusade will allow the player to get even more cool and powerful items of equipment than on classic continent. Many interesting and effective pieces of clothing, jewelry and weapons can be created, taking out the scrolls and recipes in the new dungeons, designed for a team of 5 fighters, and the most powerful recipes drop in the new raids for 25 people : the Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern, Battle for mount Hyjal, the Black Temple and Sunwell. Alchemists will like to learn new Outland' potions, simply making standard local alchemy by recipe from vendor. Also, almost all professions on the BC add-on allow you to get 1 of 2-3 useful specialization.

Extended storyline

New quest chains have been added to BC add-on.

Such chains of tasks reveal the essence and meaning of the Supplement. Passing the chain of quests in the Burning Crusade zones the player is learning information about the BC content and gets a new "tasty" equipment, which is already several times better than the top equipment from the "old" continent. On our private server quests work very well and give useful rewards that will help to prepare for the first and most "rich" for the new features - dungeon Karazhan, a place where Mediv was involved to the dark story of Opening of the Dark Portal. Our WoW private server will not be bored any one like to remember "how it was" in 2007.

WoW 2.4.3(8606) client System requirements

This game will go even on a calculator or smart toaster.
  • Graphic Memory (GPU)

    128MB, it's also well-working with integrated GPU
  • Processor (CPU)

    Frequency 1.8 GHz or higher
  • Operative memory (RAM)

    512 MB or more
  • Free Disk Space

    10-15 GB
  • Software

    Nvidia PhysX (for NVIDIA graphic adapters, optional)
  • Additional software

    In-game Add-ons (optional)

It's time to start playing WoW!

Join us and invite your friends to our free private WoW server 2.4.3
Download page is here!

					it's Time to start playing Burning Crusade on our private wow server

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